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Our Products Are Seasonal and Organically Grown using only our hands! No petroleum based machinery are used in our growing practices, ever.
Please see our list of seasonal products below for more information on what we grow, and when.
If you'd like to order ahead of time, please contact us and let us know what you'd like and we'll have it ready for you when you come by! If you'd like us to grow something in particular, just let us know and we'll get it started well before the season. Thanks!
Over 100 Varieties of Seasonal Vegetables,  Flowers, Herbs,
Small Fruit and  Transplants​: 2014 List Available Here.
Duck and Chicken Eggs: Organically Raised, never any hormones, etc...!
Duck Eggs:  Doz. $7
Chicken Eggs: Doz. $5
Chicken eggs are pre-order only, 1 week in advance. Please contact us to order.
Whole Piglets, Hogs, and Pork:
Organically Raised, never any hormones, antibiotics, cages, etc...!

We will not be raising any additional pigs in 2014 so we can focus on larger farm projects that require our time, energy, and funds. Please see our Pig product page for more infomation. 


Pork cuts available summer 2014: SOLD OUT

Organically raised Whole Hogs: Available at or after 10 weeks of age (roughly 50 lbs. hanging weight, or greater), $4.50 / lb. plus slaughter fee - contact us for exact pricing at different weights.

Please contact us for any inquiry!

Poultry: Duck, Chicken, & Turkey: Organically Raised, never any hormones!

Duck averages 4 lbs. per bird   ::  Chicken averages 3.75 lbs. per bird  ::  Turkey averages 10 lbs. per bird.

Cornish game hens can also be available with a lead time of 8 weeks, $6 / lb.

NOTE: We will not be growing much poultry for 2014, so if you are interested,

please contact us and ask to be added to our reserve list.

We grow duck, chicken, and turkey with

respective lead times of 8 weeks, 9 weeks,

and 16 to 20 weeks.

Prices for Whole Birds (fresh or frozen):

$6 / lb. for chicken,

$7 / lb. for duck,

$7 / lb. for turkey.

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