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Root 'N Roost Farm Tomatoes
Root 'N Roost Farm Tomatoes
Root 'N Roost Farm Tomatoes
Consulting Services
We provide a wide array of services for the home owners, businesses, and would-be homesteaders alike! Our approach is rooted in Permaculture Design and sustainable living using an intentional, observational technique to survey your situation, the land, water, sun, air, wind, soil, existing plants and animals, and the existing resources and energies on your property, and your requirements for the successful implementation of your desires and dreams.
Our farm is a living example of the work we do, the skills we have, the food we produce, and the education we pass on to all who work or visit with us. Our internship program, workshops, trainings, and events underscore our commitment to our community in educating and providing resources for sustainable living in an ever changing world. We encourage you to come visit our farm and talk with us for a free one hour consultation about your desires and goals. We offer an initial consultation on your land as a one-hour "walk and talk" with you to understand your goals and dreams, and to see what your land has to say as well, all for $50 plus one-way travel at $50/hour travel time. The visit with you is underscored by a Site Visit Report that we return to you for future discussions about projects you're most interested in. We can also just meet with you and discuss any project or idea you have and need our services for! Contact us to get started.

We Offer The Following Consultation Services 

  • Permaculture Design and Implementation

  • $50 one-hour site walk of your property, with a Site Visit Report given back to you of our discussion and observations. 

  • Property walk through and catalog of on-site existing resources and observations.

  • Property (re)design based on resources, observations, and your desires and goals.

  • Small scale projects that do not require property walk-through / design: stone walls, sheds, shelters, etc...

  • Natural / Recycled / Upscaled Building: shelters, housing, fencing, etc...

  • Orchard / Food Forest design and installation.

  • Landscape and garden design and installation: stone masonry, plants, irrigation systems, etc.

  • Earthworks: Excavation, grading, digging, and terraforming (ponds, dams, swales, berms...)

  • Purchasing and raising farm animals from fowl to livestock (shelters, nutrition, rotation...) 

  • Animal Husbandry: Raising your own animals, breeding, fencing, housing, nutrition.

  • Animal slaughter and butchering on-site or via NYS or USDA facilities.

  • Choosing, planting, and maintaining annual and perennial plants using truly beyond organic techniques and methods.

  • Mushroom cultivation using hardwood logs or wood chips. 

  • Beekeeping for pollination, honey production, bee population increase. 

  • Composting, re-using, recycling, gleaning materials / managing waste streams.

  • Home canning and food preservation (proper freezing, drying, storing.)

  • Use of wild edibles from your property for culinary and medicinal uses.

  • Small and large-scale renewable energy systems. 

  • Computer technology, website building, marketing, book keeping, and business related aspects of running a farm. 

  • Integrating music into your life: appreciation, guitar / bass / drums / trumpet / sax lessons.

  • For consultation rates and further information please Contact us today.

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