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Root 'N Roost Farm Tours 2021


COVID-19 Closure

Please note that while we are still offering produce and plants to order, we will not be opening the farm for tours or classes until further notice.

Available Spring, Summer and Fall (May-September) by appointment only.

Tours are 1 hour long and cost $50 minimum per group up to 6 people.


Learn about Permaculture techniques used on our farm that do not require machinery or fossil fuels.

• See our Apiary and Bee Hives, learn about bee health, collecting honey, and pollination.

• See our Flower, Vegetable, and Herb Gardens.

• See our Mushroom log yard where we grow Shitake.

• See our greenhouses, coops, and other buildings made primarily from recycled and repurposed materials.

• See our ponds, natural trout stream, and water catchment on our property.

• Learn about our sugar maples and making Maple Syrup.

• See our 11kW solar array for electricity production.

• Visit our Farm Stand & purchase farm-fresh items including produce, transplants, small crafts, candles, jams.

• Discuss our consulting services to help you build a sustainable garden, build a homestead, permaculture design and techniques, raise animals, and much more!



  • Garden planning sessions with Cheyenne:

Would you like some help planning your summer garden? Just one hour with Cheyenne can really get you going, make your appointment today!


  • Private Food Preservation Classes: Do you want to learn how to make jam, can salsa or pickles, dry herbs and fruit leather, freeze you summer produce, or make cheese or yoghurt

We are available for private instruction on any aspect of our farm and homestead. Topics include, but are not limited to:

- irrigation, water catchment, and water storage.

- solar technologies and small scale systems for homesteads and farms.

- excavation, building, landscaping, and design.

- raising and breeding farm animals for food, fiber, and profit.

- cultivating mushrooms in the forest or at home.

- transplanting perennials and methods of propagation.

- see our consulting page for more.

Have an idea for an event or class on our farm or at your home, or want us to host an event, tour, or class for you or a group?

Fun private lessons are available at our house or yours, invite your friends and turn it into a party!

Want to turn your project into a fun filled work party? We can teach a class and you can host a work party, that way you get your project done with some help and sweat equity, everyone learns, and your project gets finished!

Please contact us for more information.

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