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Cheyenne & Sean Zigmund
About Root 'N Roost Farm

Owned and operated by Sean and Cheyenne Zigmund, we are an all natural, beyond-organic, human-powered, human-scale permaculture based farm. Whew! All our farm-fresh products are grown by hand using techniques that work in concert with Mother Nature.

Our farm is constantly evolving as we move through life. In 2017 we stopped keeping livestock in order to raise two beautiful humans instead. While we occasionally raise a flock of chickens for meat and/or eggs this is no longer a focus of our farm. We encourage you to search out the local farmers markets and other local farms producing high quality local meats for your needs.

Our focus is now on two main growing areas:

1) The Food Forest Garden. The Food Forest, what was once the market garden, is still "under construction" but is already home to an abundance of fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, asparagus patches and annual vegetable beds, growing much of the delicious "bounty" for our bountiful bags and Farmstand produce.

2) Since 2015 Cheyenne has been working in our Poly Tunnel Greenhouse, turning it into a year-round poly-culture paradise. In here you will find greens, herbs, vegetables, small fruits, berries and flowers all hanging out. Looking for early spring greens? Need rosemary for those roast potatoes? Ever wanted to taste a fresh fig in September? You'll find it all in there and plenty more!

History and Herstory

Born out of a desire to contribute to fixing a broken food system and eat healthier, Sean and Cheyenne have been building Root 'N Roost Farm since November of 2010 from the original 1 acre parcel Sean grew up on in the Southern Catskill Mountain regions of New York State - White Sulphur Springs, NY to be exact! Sean had just moved back home to help his mother with health ailments and Cheyenne came back to Sullivan County to intern at Apple Pond Farm. They met by chance, immediately hit if off, and started getting to work on the land and in life.

Chey's internship was 6 days a week, so Sean worked alone most days and Chey helped when she could. A year later, Chey moved in and the farm exploded in size from a 1/4 garden to a 2.5 acre permaculture farm with bees, fowl, pigs, gardens, fruit and nut trees, berry plantings, and a variety of re-use and natural buildings. They started an internship program in 2012 and had 16 people come and go throughout the year and have since hosted almost 100 interns and volunteers from all over the world, educating, growing, learning, creating community, and building their dreams on the soil under there feet. In 2013, they expanded onto neighboring, leasing from their neighbor, and continue to grow the farm each day.

In 2014 an 11 kilowatt Solar Photovoltaic Array was installed and now powers the entire farm and sends energy into the grid for others to benefit from. In early 2015 a Solar Hot Water system was installed, providing domestic hot water powered by the sun!

Since then our family has grown by two humans, slowing down our farm activities and shifting our goals for the property.  

To learn more, join us for a tour of our farm


We look forward to meeting you! 

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