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Our Products and Services Are Seasonal.
All plants and animals are grown to better than "organic" standards, using only our hands!
  • NO petroleum based machinery are used in our growing practices, nor any petroleum or man-made chemicals.
  • Please see our list of seasonal products below for more information on what we grow, and when.
  • If you'd like to order ahead of time, please contact us and let us know what you'd like and we'll have it ready for you when you come by!
  • If you'd like us to grow something in particular, just let us know and we'll get it started well before the season. Thanks!
Farmstand and Tours
Please see our Tours and Events page for all information related to tours, classes, events, and other on-farm information.
Animal Product and Services

We will not bet raising any animals for live sale, meat, eggs or any other animal products this year, sorry for the inconvenience!

We do NOT have piglets available in 2020.

Plant Products and Services
Value-Add / Food Preservation Products and Services, and Crafts
Consulting Services
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