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Root 'N Roost Farm is a small-scale diversified permaculture-based renewable energy-powered farmstead. Since 2010 we have been developing our property to provide us, our local community and customers with an abundance of naturally grown fresh, delicious and nutritious fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats.


As our human family has grown we have stopped raising livestock on the property and are focusing on establishing new perennial growing areas to increase our herb, berry and fruit production.

​Contact us with any questions you might have, and join our email newsletter for the latest news and info. Thank you for visiting!  Sean, Cheyenne, Escher, and Keisha.

Spring 2024

The farm will have transplants available to purchase starting in May. You can pre-order from our transplants list here.

Bountiful Bags Available Starting March 2024

Spring bags are mostly (but not limited to) greens including a selection from: kale, chard, lettuce mix, arugula, mustard, and fresh herbs.
Bags cost $30, please order at least two days before you would like to pick-up. Cash or check payment required on pick-up.

To order your bountiful bag or for more information,  email or call 845 428 1259


Now is a great time to think about this year's or next year's landscape, small construction, or homestead design projects! We offer consulting to help you with any farm, homesteading, or sustainability project you're dreaming of. We've designed and built full gardens, rain water catchment/irrigation systems, greenhouses, provide excavation, construction, and landscape design services, and more. Email us for more information!

Powered by the Sun! 
Our 11 kwh, 50 foot long Solar Photovolatic System provides 100% of our electricity needs, and a 2 panel Solar Thermal System provides our domestic hot water!Take a farm tour and learn how you can go solar!

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