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Reduce - Reuse - Recycle at our farm!

Since we started farming we've saved literally TONS of waste materials from going to the landfill by finding uses for many "waste" products and scrap building materials such as pallets, scrap lumber, old siding, old windows and doors, card board, waste hay, metal fasteners (nails, screws), old blankets and clothing, sheet metal, old tools, plastic sheathing, plastic tubing, and much more! 


If you have items you're looking to get rid of, but don't want to throw them into your local landfill (we don't blame you!), contact us about what you have and chances are we'll use it!


We are currently seeking donations of:

+ Egg Cartons

+ Berry containers

+ Bathtubs and sinks

+ Tanks and barrels

+ Bunk Bed Frames

+ Shop light ballasts

+ Building materials

+ Tents and tent frames

+ Wagon wheels

+ Tools, pumps, hoses, fencing, etc...


If you'd like to see some of the things we've done with waste materials, come for a farm tour and we'll show you:


+ Our "choop" houses (cheap-hoop house, shown to the left): a design that allows you to grow year round in a structure that you can build in a day using mostly recycled materials!


+ Our pallet coops and sheds (shown bottom left): a simple design that uses pallets for the wall system of any structure!


+ Chicken tractors: moveable coops for your fowl friends


+ Cold Frame: a small simple enclosed greenhouse for starting plants or saving seed


+ Simple yet effective shelters for animals


Not only does recycling keep many things out of the landfill, it allows a person to save a considerable amount of money, and as farmers we try to do every bit we can to save money as well as prevent waste! Your donations to our farm ensure our operational costs stay low so we can thrive, and helps our community by keeping landfill costs down, keeping waste out of the waste stream, and keeping portions of tax that go to our county landfill back in your pocket!

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